Missing ‘Outlander?’ Watch ‘The Spanish Princess’

Droughtlander got you down?

Every year the Droughtlander, a.k.a. the period of time in between seasons of Outlander, seems to stretch further into the distance. This year with the COVID-19 pandemic delaying production around the world, it seems likely to last even longer. But if you’re looking for something to quench that thirst, might we suggest The Spanish Princess?

Also on Starz, The Spanish Princess was created by Matthew Graham and Emma Frost and inspired by the historical novels of Philippa Gregory. Now in its second season, it follows the story of Catherine of Aragon (Charlotte Hope), Henry VIII’s (Ruairi O’Connor) first wife, from her arrival in England and brief first marriage to Henry’s brother to her gradual downfall at court.

Here are six reasons the Starz historical drama will help the Droughtlander pass more easily.

Historically lush

Who doesn’t love a good historical yarn? The Spanish Princess meets (if not exceeds) Outlander in production value, with its setting in early 16th-century England and Spain providing an expansive backdrop to work against. Filmed on location, the series offers both stunning landscapes, as well as evocative English castles and estates, for eye candy. The costumes are next level with Catherine’s gowns particularly drool-worthy. This is the Tudor court; it demands extravagance. Velvet, gold, brocade. You name it and The Spanish Princess has it. Every episode is a feast for the eyes.

Historically accurate

Part of the interplay of historical fiction is its brushes with the truths of the past. Outlander strives for accuracy when it comes to wardrobe, sets, etc., but it’s playing with fictional characters. But when it comes to The Spanish Princess, the protagonists are all real historical people. Matthew Graham and Emma Frost do an incredible, painstaking job when it comes to accuracy. So much so, that we break down the historical observations each week in our episode recaps.

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